Frequently Asked Questions

What are our aims?

To produce a beautiful blend of voices, to perform at various events, and to have fun singing together

How do we learn our repertoire?

Sheet music is provided, but music is also taught by ear.

All our materials are available on a shared Google drive, with audio tracks for additional practice.

Some members use a phone or device to record their parts during rehearsal to help with their practice at home.

What are the membership requirements?

The ability to read music is useful but not essential. Some members have formal music training, others do not.

We do not have auditions although we do aim to achieve a performance standard. Our director is very experienced in helping everyone achieve the desired blend.

New members may not be accepted late in the term when repertoire has already been learnt for a performance, or when a performance is coming up.

Members are expected to sing in tune, blend with other voices, and learn their part to be ready for performances.

What are the membership fees?

We pay fees in advance for a term (which generally coincide with school terms).

The term fee is based on a weekly cost of $20 per week, with concession options. 

When you are new to the choir and want to see if it suits you, you can pay $20 per week until you feel comfortable committing to a full term.

Can I come along and see if I like it?

Of course! We welcome new members. 

If you would to try out Cadence Choir and see if you like it, you are welcome to come to a rehearsal (for free!). 

Where and when do we rehearse?

We rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm.

The rehearsal venue is:

St Agnes Anglican Church,
35 Arkaringa Crescent, Black Rock.

COVID-safe guidelines

From late in 2022 we stopped rehearsing with masks, although some members continue to do so.

We have been keeping doors open during rehearsal for extra ventilation.

We are not crowded in our space, and there is adequate distance between singers.

We generally have had a cautious approach to Covid risk, but have also discussed our approach as a group.